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We spent 3 incredible weeks in Thailand 'The Land of Smiles' in April. It's been pretty hard, almost cruel, to decide on which pictures to select when you have over 1,200 to choose from. I've divided the pages up into 5 logical groups based on our travel itinerary. Ayutthaya, our first stop, is about an hour and a half north of the airport in Bangkok. We went there straight after our arrival to save some time. Although we only spent a day and a half in Ayutthaya I took an incredible amount of pictures there. We hired a Tuk-tuk family to be our guides and although it was rather expensive by Thai standards ($50 US), we got our monies worth and then some. They were wonderful guides giving us the full tour and then even took us out of town the next day to get a local bus to Prachinburi.

Ida's homecoming in the village of Si MahaPhot was awesome. I got some great shots of the family and the new house being built for them. Si MahaPhot is a semi-rural area of farmland 2 hours E-N-E of Bangkok in Prachinburi Province. Here I am day-dreaming of leaving the rat-race behind and becoming a Thai Farmer...

We then traveled with Ida's siblings, their spouses, nieces and nephew to the Island of Ko Samet. We stayed the weekend at the Lima Coco resort on the less populated West side of the island. The real kick for me on this side-trip was the Fish Market on the mainland port town of Ban Phe. It was a great opportunity for pictures and I got to really ham it up for the locals to garnish a smile or two for the camera.

The beaches in Krabi are... well stunning would be too bland a word. There are limestone cliffs and monoliths jetting straight up to the sky from a beautiful palm tree lined beach. The climb to the summit of a temple near the Tiger Cave Temple is not for the faint of heart, especially in the 95 degree noon time heat. The view though is incredible.

The Songkran Festival is the Thai New Years. While celebrating it in Krabi I got some good pics of the festivities. Basically people drive around and splash water on everyone. The people lining the road splash water on everyone. I had to protect my camera but I was determined to get some of the action and a few smiles from the Locals. Phuket was our last stop and the beaches have recovered considerably from the Tsunami, although there is still a fair amount of repair construction going on. Lots to do and see there and really enjoyed the FantaSea show not far from our hotel in Kamala Beach.

Photos were taken with a Nikon D70s in RAW mode and then edited in Nikon Capture Editor and PaintShop Pro. Also took additional photos with my small portable Coolpix 885.

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